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This page contains some informations about the DtDesk suite, which is composed by the following applications:
  • DtPad
  • DtPad Updater
  • DtPad Setup
  • DtPad Uninstaller
  • DtHelp


This is the main application, the one to which this CodePlex's project is dedicated.

DtPad Updater

This program allows you to update DtPad to latest version, without having to reinstall it and lose your personal settings. It is not necessary to execute it frequently, since DtPad can automatically communicate the existence of an update (depending on how you have set it).

DtPad Setup

This is the main downloadable file that you can find here, and it consists of a few simple steps to help in the installation of DtPad.

DtPad Uninstaller

DtPad use Windows registry only to store "Open With" link. If you don't enable it into settings, you can simply uninstall DtPad deleting its folder. Otherwise you can use this comfortable application.


This application is a guide viewer, and it should be integrated inside DtPad to explain to users its functionalities, but unfortunately it wasn't due to lack of time.

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