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Frequently Asked Questions

Install and update

Why there are two versions of DtPad (Setup and Archive)?
The setup is the best and easiest way to install the program, guided through a few simple steps that introduce the user to DtPad configuration.
However, considering that DtPad makes use of the Windows registry only to store "Open With" Explorer context menu association (when activated by user), it seems a good idea to release a portable package, which can be copied and run smoothly.
So, if you prefer a normal installation, then use the Setup, otherwise for a fast (but fully) usage refers to the Archive.


DtPad runs on Windows RT?
It seems so, even if a test from the team has never been done. At any rate, more information could be found here, where it was reported that running DtPad Setup there will be a warning, but it still works after clickthrough.
DtPad does not start, and instead I get a system error. What is the reason?
DtPad requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4 to run. To check if you have it, open the "Control Panel", click on "Software" and verify to have "Microsoft. NET Framework 4". If it is not present, you can download it from the Microsoft website.
Opening the Dropbox window I get an error about a missing library (usually "System.Web.dll"). Why?
This issue is related to the missing installation of Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Extended on Windows XP.
It could be solved simply executing the Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (Standalone Installer).

Note: this issue has been reported here #1253.


An error occurred while using the program. How can I report it, so that it could be fixed in a new release?
DtPad allows the bug report from the "Help" menu, clicking on "Report Bug...". Once valued fields, your e-mail client will open and you will have the opportunity to change the text of the message before sending it.
Alternatively you can use the contact form available on the author's website specifying the details of the error (affected area, message, actions taken).

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