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A self-made C# text editor

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DtPad is a Windows text editor, developed with Microsoft .NET Framework 4 and identified by many advanced features, including HTML and XML code management, search in files, search with regular expressions, note mode (light window in foreground), built-in multilanguage support with dictionaries usage, integration with online services (ie. Google, Wikipedia), CSV file management and much more.

DtPad window

Requirements for users: Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7/8 (32/64 bit), Microsoft .NET Framework 4.
Additional requirements for developers: Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, Developer Express v2012 vol 1.6.
Developed by: Marco Macciò.
Languages available: english, italian, french, spanish, russian.

DtPad is certified by Softpedia as "100% FREE, which means it does not contain any form of malware, including spyware, viruses, trojans and backdoors".

Softpedia certificate

For more details about DtPad's awards, reviews and mirroring click here.

Work in progress

    Save icon released! - Previously a fixing release, which later became a full one with the usage of regular expressions inside search panel. Now available!
  • released! - A small fixing to solve an annoying permission bug on Windows 8, plus the full localization in russian language and lot of interface improvements!
  • released! - The new version of DtPad contains a new built-in CSV files editor, an improved row numbering (with an higher limit), a fast tab switch, note mode improvement and much more.
  • released! - A new DtPad version has come; it contains new features, two new localizations (french and spanish) and lot of improvements.

Today's feature

    DtPad Updater icon Search in files - This window allows to search a text content inside more files at once, showing results inside internal explorer panel...
  • Windows "hosts" file editing - Do you know that DtPad owns an explicit feature for Windows "hosts" file? ...
  • Sessions - DtPad allow the saving of all the opened tabs in a unique session. In such a way it is possible to close DtPad, open it again and continue to work ...
  • Command line properties - Could I improve my work speed by starting DtPad with a specific functionality? Yes, you can.
  • Note mode - I have often felt the need to have a text editing window that was able to stand in the foreground, so that I can write important data and information without two windows side by side...
  • CSV editor - Many features of DtPad were born as a result of real needs. This is the case of the CSV editor...
  • Window modes - DtPad has different visual modes that allow it to adapt to different usages, or to satisfy particular needs.
Discover more about these features here.

Informations and additional credits

DtHelp iconDtPad (2009-2013) is licensed under Apache License, Version 2.0.

This application requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4 and use Windows registry only to store "Open With" Explorer context menu association.

With the contribution of: Derek Morin (development).
Translations by: Alain Buferne ( french), Artem Vakhitov ( russian).
Main iconset by: Delacro.
Other icons by: Mark James, VistaIcons.
External components referenced: Developer Express, SharpZip, iTextSharp, Log4Net, Be.HexEditor, XmlGridControl, MonthCalendar, SharpBox, Json.NET, CsvReader.
Translation and search service by: Google Inc.
Dropbox service by: Dropbox Inc.
Language dictionaries by:

DtPad does not collect any data about usage and users. Informations logged into "Logs" folder regards only program's errors and warnings shown on the interface, and in no case they will contain user's text or any other private data.

Links about author and program

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